Coffee, Anyone?

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream
Boy, did I ever get sucked into a rabbit hole this week. I could offer up some lame excuse, such as I've been sick, or busy, or both, but truth be told, I discovered a sinful and wonderfully addictive recipe and I slipped deep into its grasp.

I can't tell this to Mr. B because he'd be devastated, but my first true love is coffee ice cream. Back in the day, I used to hang out at the mall with Jamocan Almond Fudge and then when people started to talk, I took my addiction behind closed doors. It was easy—everywhere I went there were pints of coffee ice cream for sale. I could anonymously pick up my fix and then behind drawn curtains, I could loll about in a state of dreamy bliss. Many times, I would get up in the middle of the night and like a sleepwalker, I would unconsciously be pulled, as if by some unseen magnetic force, straight to the freezer. I'd dig spoonful after spoonful out of the carton and let it slowly melt on my tongue before returning to bed. At the height of my addiction, the freezer was the first place I went to every morning. Clearly, I couldn't make it through the day without a little something to keep me going.

All these years, I've managed to keep my secret from Mr. B, but this week, after I made this recipe, there was no hiding it any longer. It was quite a shock for him when he found me cleverly hiding in the pantry, spoon in hand. Perhaps, I was a bit disheveled, and if I recall correctly, I may have been in a state of undress. It could also be quite true, if I go by his account, that I was babbling incoherently and even singing nonsense rhymes. Mr. B doesn't usually lie. But, before he could try any of that silly intervention stuff, I still had enough of my senses about me to shove a spoonful of this frozen bliss into his mouth.

As they say in the movies, the rest is history.

Several months ago, I came across a recipe in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. It was by Nigella Lawson, who I dearly love, and it was for a no churn coffee ice cream, so, yes; it grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, I misplaced the recipe, but I remembered the basic components well enough that I could successfully execute it. I know that in her version she used less condensed milk, but I went with the whole can. Nigella's recipe is set to appear in her new cookbook, so check it out there if you get a chance. In the meantime, make this recipe—and lock your door.

Coffee Ice Cream

1 can condensed milk
4 tablespoons instant espresso powder
4 tablespoons of coffee liqueur
1pint of heavy whipping cream

1. Mix together the condensed milk, espresso powder and coffee liqueur. Let chill overnight.
2. When ready, whip the heavy cream until thick and peaks hold their shape.
3. Gently fold the whipped cream into the chilled base mixture—make sure you fold; don't stir.
4. Transfer to an airtight freezer container; freeze until firm

*This stuff is brilliant and rather dangerous. Enjoy.


  1. I am not much of an ice cream person, but I think I need to make this. Stat! My daughter was the ice cream person in our house - she'd eat it all but the last tablespoon, it used to drive us nuts!

    But I haven't bought any ice cream since she moved out a year ago!


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