Mr. B's Big Beef

Mr. B's the Real Grill Master
Poor Mr. B. I felt so bad after running out of butter and nearly ruining his lunch, that I decided that while I was at the grocery store, I'd cruise on by the meat counter and pick him up an 'I'm Sorry' gift. And what could be better for  showing my remorse than a big piece of red meat? I like to think of it as make up steak and I gotta say, in spite of the butter episode, Mr. B was a happy man.

You might think, "What's the big deal about a steak?"—but in our house, it's a big deal not just because like most men, Mr. B happens to be a card carrying carnivore, but because when it comes to top grill skills, Mr. B is definitely the grill master. I may have tossed him a bone, but he grilled it up into a five-star piece of meat that had the neighbors drooling.

Wondering what Mr. B's secret is, I decided to track him down for a quick interview. Mr. B isn't wordy, but he's an eloquent speaker and he does have a way with words. So, it was pretty surprising when he had little to say about his process. He offered me very little, really. In fact, when asked for his recipe, he said, "My secret? You just need a really hot grill and, well, you must become one with the steak." Um, yeah...whatever that means.

Thankfully, I've watched Mr. B enough times and I'm privy to all of his secrets. I know how he grills that steak and I'm happy to share the recipe, so fire up the grill.

Mr. B's Zen Steak

1 very large, very thick steak (preferably, grass-fed)
olive oil
crushed garlic
salt, pepper, onion powder

1. Heat the grill up until it's ferociously, seriously, poker hot.
2. Make sure your meat is room temperature.
3. Rub the garlic and seasonings into the meat on both sides.
4. Set the meat off to the side and let it 'marinate' for about an hour; make sure to loosely cover it with foil or plastic wrap.
5. Just before grilling, drizzle with olive oil; toss on the grill and step back.
6. Close the grill lid and meditate; become one with the meat; think hot thoughts about the grill. Repeat until meat is cooked to your liking.
7. This last step is crucial—let that steak rest before cutting into it so that the juices don't escape.

And the last step, the final step, surely, the most crucial of the steps:

8. Serve on a super hot plate with melted BUTTER!


  1. Yep, having the meat at room temperature I think is a mistake a lot of novice grillers do - it makes all the difference.

    I actually, for a 1 1/2 inch steak, use the 2x2x2x2 method - 2 minutes one way, 2 minutes the other way, flip and repeat. I like grill marks! :D

    We like our meat pretty rare though :D

    Happy weekend Mel!

  2. Sounds like you've got Mr. B's system down to a T; do you meditate, too?


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