Quiche Me

Brie, Mushroom, and Spinach Quiche
While it may have been the craze of the 80s, quiche is making a quiet comeback. I've been in several little cafes and eateries over the last few months and I've seen pie cases filled with these custardy delights.

Making quiche was a fairly regular event in my life, and then somehow, somewhere along the line it fell by the wayside. I guess like everything else in life it's cyclical, so no surprise that I decided to revive the tradition.

Mr. B is always happy with quiche. A slice makes for a filling breakfast or a quick lunch, it's transportable--perfect for a fall picnic or a hearty snack after a day spent picking apples.

The best thing about quiche is its utter simplicity. It's also a blank canvas; you can add anything to make it your own. My recipe originally came from The Silver Palate Cookbook, a wonderful little cookbook that I've been carting around for nearly 30 years. I've made this so many times, I have it committed to memory.

1 unbaked, deep-dish pie shell
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups of heavy cream
grated nutmeg
salt and ground pepper
1 cup shredded or crumbled cheese

Oven at 350 degrees

1. Mix together eggs and cream until well-combined.
2. Add a pinch of nutmeg and salt and pepper.
3. Pour into the pie crust and bake until golden.

Add whatever ingredients you like. I love to saute spinach and mushrooms and add some crumbled bacon or finely diced ham, but anything goes. Vary the cheese, toss in some asparagus or peppers. Enjoy.


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