Something Fishy

Mr. B's Craving
I never have to worry about Mr. B coming home with stray lipstick on his collar. But sometimes, the man will come up with cravings that make me wonder what he's been up to, or rather, which food blogs he's been visiting.

I'm not paranoid, but certainly, you can see my concern over a recent request. One afternoon as Mr. B and I were catching up on the day's events, we naturally began discussing our dinner plans when Mr. B said to me, "Hey, you know what I'd really like to have for dinner tonight?" I couldn't imagine, so I encouraged him to go on.  And just like that, without a moment's hesitation he blurted it out: "Tuna melts."

As one could well imagine, I was stunned. I'd never in my life made tuna melts. Where, I wondered, did he come up with this idea? Just like any intelligent wife looking to trap her husband into a confession, I yawned, feigning boredom, and randomly asked a few questions, but try as I did, Mr. B never copped. I could see that I would have to take a more direct tact.

"Wherever," I asked, "did you come up with the idea for a tuna melt?" He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Isn't it weird? I can't even remember when I last had one," he said, "but, I know I want one."

I eyed him suspiciously; surely, I'd be able to detect any cracks in his demeanor. "So," he asked, "will you make them for dinner?" I nodded. Mr. B is a lucky man to have a wife like me, I thought, as I wandered off to make tuna melts.

Retro? You bet. Delicious? True enough. Regular menu fare? Undoubtedly.

Tuna Melts
4 slices of thick sourdough bread
tuna salad (mayo, minced onions, sweet pickle relish, and finely diced celery)
sliced cheddar cheese
chopped parsley

1. Toast the bread.
2. Top with a extra thick layer of tuna salad and slices of cheddar cheese.
3. Place under the broiler until the cheese is melted, bubbly and brown and the tuna salad is hot.
4. Top with parsley and serve with chips and pickle spears.


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