Crispy Sourdough Waffles
A few weeks ago, as I was rummaging through the refrigerator in search of my overly large jar of Dijon mustard, my hand randomly grazed the crumpled brown paper bag. Once so familiar to my touch that I felt a deep kinship with its contents, I hadn't thought of Millie in months.

Millie is, of course, my sourdough starter, the only survivor--and a strong one at that--of my experiential bread making frenzy that I set upon while writing an article for a magazine. Now, almost two years old, Millie's ferment is so sour that one taste will set the lips into a full pucker--but, she's ever so sweet smelling, a mixture of perfectly ripe peaches and faint floral undertones.

I never think much about Millie during the long, hot summers. Turning on the oven isn't an option that I'd even consider once the Mercury begins to rise, so I slip Millie's jar into a brown paper lunch bag and then slide her into the furthest corner of the refrigerator, deep on the bottom shelf. The cold keeps her ferment suspended and gives her a rest from my usual demands.

I've been 'waking' Millie up over the last few weeks. At first, she was slow to respond, but now she's almost returned to her usual vigor and her appetite is so strong that I'm going through sack after sack of flour.

The other day I was marveling at her aroma, when Mr. B happened to pass through the kitchen. I couldn't wait to share my prediction that this might be Millie's best year yet. Always willing to contribute to a good cause, Mr. B asked if we couldn't give her a try and although there's the faintest hint of fall in the air, it's still far too hot to make bread.

Instead, I decided to whip up a batch of Mr. B's favorite--crispy sourdough waffles with just a hint of vanilla and orange and when I asked him if he'd like seconds, there was no waffling on his part, he merely shook his head and through a mouthful of waffles said, "And thirds, too, please."

*This recipe is from the King Arthur's Flour website. I add two teaspoons of vanilla to the batter and about a teaspoon of freshly grated orange zest.

Sourdough Waffles


  1. Ha, I love that you named your sourdough starter! I broke my waffle maker a couple years ago - never really missed it until I see posts like this and I think "I'd like another waffle iron!"


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