Morning Toast

Rustic Sunflower Bread Topped with Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes

It feels odd to return to these pages after such a long absence, but after pouring a second cup of coffee, I couldn't ignore the urge to set off for my study and take to these keys.

Why is it, I wonder, as I sit here pondering the morning, that I've been gone for so long. What was keeping me from writing my narratives, or pondering my plate? I could, you know, make a good case for the busyness of life, but I would be lying.

The truth is more complicated and complex, as it usually is, and kept me scratching my head for the better part of the year. As I sorted out the pieces of the puzzle, I realized that I'm not a food blogger, just a writer who finds salvation and purpose navigating that sacred space in my kitchen.

I won't be writing about deep fried pizza wrapped in bacon, taking Instagram worthy photos, or telling you what products to buy. But, I will share simple recipes and good writing.

Autumn arrives tomorrow, which means the best of the tomato harvest is in full swing. One of my favorites is the Yellow Brandywine tomato. I love them sliced paper-thin and layered on top of a dense seeded bread (hopefully, with sunflower seeds) and a thick layer of butter--pure heaven.


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